Finesse Center

A place for artists to make a way.

In honor of tyrell a. thompson

Tyrell A. Thompson was shot and killed in an attempted robbery in the Central West End on June 9th. At 28, he still had a ton of living to do.

Tyrell dedicated his life to art. He spent every working hour--and beyond--working on his craft. Not only was he employed as a graphic designer at LockerDome, he also spent his free time creating paintings, graphics, and drawings. He was well known for his "Power Ranger" saga, and was beginning his new Dragon Ball Z series at the time of his death.

A lot of people have been asking how they could help or how they could buy Tyrell's artwork. After thinking about it, the family has decided his work should be immortalized and available for the world to see. 

We want to start a coworking artspace for creatives in the St. Louis area. 

In this space we will replicate the famous "Wall"  from Tyrell's loft.

The space will be a place for artists to gather and work together to create,  just like they did in Tyrell's place.

A lot of people not only lost a great friend when Tyrell passed,  but lost their creative hub and are now without a space to gather, fellowship, and work.

Help us make a place Tyrell would be proud to call his own.