Tyrell Anthony Thompson "Rell Finesse"   November 10, 1987 - June 9, 2016

Tyrell Anthony Thompson "Rell Finesse"
November 10, 1987 - June 9, 2016

"Art and culture are the portals for artistic knowledge and discovery. People across all of the arts come together to learn, connect and share. Without the knowledge of different past or historical arts, we cannot build or create for the future.  To become a better artist it is fundamental to learn about different cultures and past works.  If we do not do our research how do we know if what we make hasn’t already been done? I use this philosophy everywhere I go, trying to cultivate young and old, while also absorbing whatever I find that I do not know of.

Most of my art blooms from ideas I come up with from looking at a lot of inspirational pieces.  If I see something that I like, I will think of a way I would have tried to express what the artist was trying to say in my own way.  Sketching and observing are two of my favorite hobbies.  I adore sitting and meditating for hours without touching my canvas, until I am completely confident on every stroke that I make.

As of today, my work is only the beginning of millions of visions that I have transpired into visual displays of what I’ve learned through society and all the different type of people in the world.  I never go back to a piece after I sign it.  If I want to change something I try to remake the piece until I get as accurate as the original and change from there.  I feel after you sign the work its putting a seal of completion, giving the art life".

Posted to Facebook October 30, 2011