• Bellefontaine Recreation (map)
  • 9569 Bellefontaine Road
  • St. Louis, MO, 63137
  • United States

Kicking it for Charity will be located in the spacious park of Bellefontaine Recreation 9569 Bellefontaine Rd. St. Louis, MO 63137. Local members of the St. Louis art community are proud to announce this fundraiser featuring a fun game from childhood. With this nostalgic game of kickball, this group of local entrepreneur’s plan on bringing positivity to a city in need and to raise funds for a community art center in the name of a late friend.

“Whether it be police brutality or any other type of violence committed by our own people we felt the senseless violence needed to STOP,” says Ryan Wood and his team, “So, we organized this game of kickball to benefit the community in multiple ways.”

In order to combat the deaths this city is currently being plagued with, business partners Ryan "Wood" Givens and Larry "Lotto" Henderson have teamed up with fellow entrepreneur’s Dejuan “Hyde” and Jacquelyne “Jacq” Craig of BlaqSeance to bring this game of Kickball to the community of Bellefontaine. Funds from this kickball game will go towards a community art center for St. Louis artist created in the name of the late, Tyrell Thompson.

Tyrell Thompson, better known as, “Rell Finesse,” in the art community, was murdered at the age of 28, during an attempted robbery in June of 2016. The members of the art community have not been the same following his death and in order to bounce back from a horrific event, family and friends have all been combining funds to create this art center. Thompson dedicated his life to art and was well known for his paintings, graphics, and drawings and this art center will harbor a wall dedicated to his artistry.

September 10th will serve as not only a fundraiser for the Finesse Center, but also as a nostalgic game to bring the community together for a good time. Tyrell's family wanted a place to remember their loved one and to help the art community of St. Louis and funds from this

“Kicking it for Charity” will help make that happen.