what is coworking?

Coworking is pretty much a membership club that brings people together who share the need for a place to conduct their business in an interactive space.

is Coworking for Me?

Are you currently working alone at home surrounded by domestic distractions? Fighting for a table and outlet space at Starbucks? Lonely and bored, staring at your computer screen and wishing you had other like-minded, creative individuals to help you knock around an idea? Then yes, coworking is for you!

What are Some Advantages of coworking?

  • Expand your personal and professional networks
  • Find talent and people to work with
  • Be more productive
  • Be more motivated to work by surrounding yourself of hardworking professionals like you
  • Better work life balance
  • Get a professional working routine with your own schedule
  • Eliminate isolation

Can i use the center If I'm not an artist?

Yes! All freelancers and entrepreneurs are welcome. Our resources are just more focused on artists but we're sure you'll find most of them useful for you as well.

What should i bring with me?

Bring exactly what you would bring if you were going to work from a coffee shop.  If you bring it in, you should take it out.
We do have locking storage solutions if you need it!

I talk on the phone a lot. Is that going to be a problem?

Our space operates on mutual respect. If your conversation turns long or gets private, step into a conference room or outside. 

Can I bring clients or my customers to the center?

Of course! Having a professional place to meet clients and hold meetings or workshops is a primary advantage of being a member of Finesse Center. Our conference room is equipped with a TV, projector, and dry erase boards! If you are in need of additional types of equipment, let us know! 

Need a brainstorming session? Invite a guess to purchase a Day Pass to work with you!

If I have a key card, can I have a meeting outside of the Finesse Center’s business hours?

The key card entitles you to access after hours and on weekends, and no one else. An FC employee must be on duty during any event or meeting. This is a liability issue. If a member is found to be using his/her key card to let other people into the building outside of business hours, the key card will be revoked.

CAN I Rent space if im not a member?

Yes! The conference room and event space are open to rentals from non-members.