This center was made with the artist in mind. The artist that hasn’t gotten their lucky break yet. The artist still sleeping on the couch. The artist that forgot to eat ‘cause they’ve been working on their craft all day. The artist that’s talented but lacks network skills. The artist that can’t work at home and is tired of meeting in Bread Co. but can’t afford a space in TRex or TechArtista. The space was made with Tyrell in mind. A place that would’ve helped him if he were still here struggling.
— Kayla V. Thompson, Founder & CEO

Finesse Center founder, Kayla Thompson, speaks about the Finesse Center and what we're doing with your generous donations! To donate, please visit

We'd like to thank those who have helped us get this far in the memory and honor of Tyrell, as well as for the love of the art community. Thank you!

Video by: Jon Alexander