We are not big on rules – that is one of the reasons we’re our own bosses, but we do understand the importance of being a good neighbor to the go-getters around you. And sometimes… not everyone is on the same page when it comes to what that means. Finesse Center aims to inspire creativity and drive productivity in each of our members’ work. So we came up with what we have found to be the best practices & etiquette to accomplish this goal.


1. Respect different work styles

You may work best blasting Kodak Black, but your neighbor may not. Some people just work better in silence; so if you need to make a phone call, step into an empty conference room or outside.. And if you need to release some stress by pounding on your desk and pretending you’re the drummer Rae Sremmurd, maybe just put in your headphones and let a Mike Will Made It beat do its thing instead.

2. Live by the headphone policy

We have some talented members in our space who have a wealth of knowledge and experience you can learn from. We encourage you to start friendships and collaborate with one another, but know the time and place to do it! Respect others time by following what we believe to be, “The Golden Rule of Coworking”. Two-headphones in: “I’m busy”. One-headphone in: “I’m open to conversation (definitely if you’re offering me donuts), but ask me first” … especially before diving into a lengthy conversation about boosting your business’ SEO or promoting your new mixtape.

3. Be space-conscious

If you’re taking up two desks and your locker is overflowing, it’s time to reevaluate your workflow or upgrade your membership. If you have a basic membership or a day pass, meaning you don’t have a private office membership, you must take everything with you at the end the day. So if you like to work with two monitors and want your own personal printer, you may want to consider bumping up your membership…

4. Clean up after yourself

Unless your momma works here, she isn’t cleaning up after you, and neither is our Community Manager. If your Ramen explodes in the microwave, wipe it up. If you use a mug (which we hope you are and enjoying the unlimited coffee & tea), wash it out. If you bring leftovers for lunch, eat them, don’t leave them in the fridge for days.

5. Use CoWorkify

Need to upgrade or downgrade your membership? Use CoWorkify. Need to book out the conference room or event space? Use CoWorkify. Need to update your payment method? Use CoWorkify. Need to print your invoice? Use CoWorkify. Want to see what events are going on in the space? Use CoWorkify. See the pattern here? If you need assistance, ask our Community Manager!

6. Make your friends members

Cool people work at Finesse Center, be friends with them. You also probably have other cool friends too; bring them on by for a tour and show them the perks of coworking. We are all for guests coming by to visit, but if they start unloading their briefcase and ask for the wifi password, they are going to need a day pass ($10/day). Rule of thumb: If your guest stays for more than thirty (30) minutes, they need a pass.

7. Get Involved

Finesse Center is more than just a workspace, it is a creative hub designed for learning, collaborating, and engaging in community. Get involved! More than a dozen events are hosted each month for you to learn new skills, build on others, and meet new folks. Collaborate with other entrepreneurs, creatives, and go-getters in the space. Start a conversation and take advantage of the incredible partnerships and friendships that arise.

Have any suggestions on how to make Finesse Center a better place to work, learn, and collaborate? Talk to our Community Manager! Your commitment and involvement to the Finesse community is what makes it grow.